Why Do I Sing Off-Key?

If you love singing, it can be frustrating if you find that you can never get yourself to sing with the right tone and pitch. You may be practicing on your own for a while now, but you don’t see significant improvements no matter how you try. And then, you have a relative or friend who does not give much effort into practicing, but he/she gets to sing incredibly well.

Singing coaches often emphasize singing from the diaphragmThe thing is, musicality is also a talent. Some people just know how music dynamics know even if they don’t have formal training on it. Even rarer, some people have the so-called “perfect pitch” which allows them to know exactly the chord, pitch, and rhythm of every music piece. They do not even need to learn the differences among chords, and it is an amazing sight when you see these gifted people know the chord just by hearing it once.

But don’t fret just yet. Although musicality is a talent, it can also be learned. If you have the passion and dedication for it, you can enroll in a class and train under the guidance of an excellent teacher from the best singing lessons in NYC. But you must avoid comparing yourself to those who have the talent because your growth will be different. He/she may have a faster progression in the class. However, there is a point where you can catch up to those with natural talent. And some people who are not as gifted may even end up better than those with natural talent because training is also essential when it comes to improving your musical skills.

Many factors affect as to why you get to sing off-key. It is not about the song, but about how you deliver the song, too.

If you have been looking for ways to sing better, here are some of the possible reasons as to why you keep on singing off-key:

1. You don’t know how chords work

People who have the “perfect pitch” do not have to learn how each chord sounds. They just know it, and they cannot explain why they know it. However, knowledge of chords can also be learned. If you have an excellent music teacher, one of your first lessons is to study the chords. Your teacher will guide you, so you get to understand how each chord works. Then you will have practical lessons as your quiz, just for your teacher to make sure that you understood the lesson.

It is not an easy journey, though. Learning the chords is difficult, more so mastering them. So, make sure that you give enough time and effort into learning the chords. Be familiar with them and quiz yourself every so often, so you know if you are making progress.

2. You don’t know how rhythms work

One of the biggest reasons why you sing off-key is because you don’t know how rhythms work. You sing in monotone, or you don’t sing along a proper wavelength. It takes practice for you to do this, but it is possible to get how it works. Remember that music does not exist in one straight line; it works best in waveforms, so for your singing to sound great, you need to follow that rhythm, too.

These are some of the main reasons as to why you sing off-key. Although musicality is a talent, it can also be learned. Don’t give up hope and keep on practicing. For sure, you will improve your singing in no time.