Visiting Seattle and Bask in Its Sleekness

Seattle is well known for being the home of Microsoft computers, Boeing airplanes, and TV-series such as the X files and Twin Peaks and famous music groups like Nirvana. And while Seattle might be most famous for its space needle, or even its heavy coffee consumption, what many don’t know is that Seattle also offers incredible nature with many beautiful national parks to choose from.

Main Attractions in Seattle

Chinatown in Seattle, like most other Chinatowns, offers a big selection of stores, restaurants, markets and even a museum telling the history of this part of the city.

Seattle skyline with the iconic Space NeedlePioneer Square is a neighborhood in Seattle that was once the heart of it. The historic district offers stores, restaurants, and a sprawling nightlife as well as guided tours.

Smith Tower, located at 506 2nd avenue, is the oldest skyscraper in Seattle and offers great views of the city from its observation deck. Columbia center, located at 701 5th avenue, is the tallest skyscraper in Seattle and also offers an observation deck with spectacular views of the city.

The Waterfall gardens, located on Second Avenue south 219, is an oasis-like park offering a well-needed break for city goers.

If interested in cultural attractions, The Seattle town hall, on 8th Avenue and Seneca street or The 5th avenue theatre, on 1308 5th avenue, might be of interest. Other options include Benaroya Hall, which is the home of the Seattle Symphony and located on 200 University Street, or The Seattle art museum on 1300 1st avenue, which offers an array of exciting art collections.

The Pike Place Market is a famous public market which offers an incredible selection of produce, food and handmade crafts from all over the world.

The Seattle Center is easily one of the leading attractions in Seattle as it is the home of the Space Needle, as well as many other attractions. In addition to offering stunning views of the city, including a view of Mount Rainier, the Space Needle also has a restaurant at its top called SkyCity restaurant.

For those interested in music, The Experience Music Project, located at 325 5th avenue north, is a must. The impressive museum offers its visitors a musical journey through the most popular music genres.

National Parks, Day Trips, and Vancouver

Klondike Goldrush National park, located on 117 S main street tells the story of the Seattle gold rush and how its affected the city. Mount Rainier National Park is an astonishingly beautiful national park, which makes for a great day trip, and offers its visitors an array of things to do and see, such as mountain climbing, biking, and hiking.

Mount St Helens 96 miles off SeattleIf interested in volcanoes visit St. Mount Helens, an active volcano which also offers a nearby observatory, from which one can peak right into the volcano. Olympic National Park is another beautiful park to visit. Also, Vancouver is only about 110 miles away from Seattle and also offers a beautiful nature and many things to explore.

Shopping in Seattle

Pine Street, Pike Place, and Pioneer Square are great areas for shopping. The area between Stewart Street, University Street, Forth Avenue and Seventh Avenue are also full of shopping options. Nordstrom, located on 500 Pine Street, or Pacific place, University Village, Westfield south center, and Westlake center also makes excellent stops for shopping.

Seattle offers its visitors a vibrant and interesting history, with much to learn and explore, as well as an abundance of fun things to do and see.