Three Things to Improve Your Seattle Business Right Now

Many Seattle business owners find Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so intimidating that they tend to put it as a last priority in the marketing budget, or they hire a professional to do the job for them even though it is unaffordable for a startup. It is true that it takes a lot of time to keep up with SEO trends, and you need the resources to maintain it. These facts are the reasons why many businesses simply handle SEO on their own even though they only have a basic knowledge of this marketing technique.

Seattle small business owners should consider online marketingDoing basic SEO tactics such as posting articles on social media, and putting relevant keywords, are things that many entrepreneurs can do themselves. However, the advanced techniques are things that must be left to professionals with a Seattle agency location who have trained for years to get to where they are. It is incredibly difficult to increase your site’s ranking, so you must have the time, energy, and resources to make it work out. Why is it hard to improve your ranking? Imagine, there are millions of sites published on the worldwide web, and each of these sites needs to compete for top rank. Therefore, you have to make sure you keep on setting yourself apart from the rest to be visible online.

It can get frustrating to find out that although your business has been existing for the past five years, you are still out of the limelight and can’t get on the first five pages of any search engine. You wonder what you have been doing wrong, and you even enlist people to check your site. After a month, things haven’t improved, and you are at a total loss.

If you need answers right now, here are the top three things you must do to improve your business rankings right now:

1. Make a content schedule plan

Let’s say you have a furniture business. You think, why would you have to write articles about furniture when all you need to do is to post photos of your work? With how SEO algorithms work these days, you are so wrong. A blog is a part-and-parcel of any website these days, and so you must plan for your content well. Plan the topics that you want to write about, the “voice” that you want to write with, and the timing of your postings. It is crucial to have a calendar for your posts, so you are kept in the loop of all your publications.

If you want to improve your content, consider hiring a content writer who can do the job for you. You have to focus on other parts of your business, so you must find someone or a team to focus on the writing task.

2. Re-check your website

Any person browsing internet pages wouldn’t want to come across slow-loading websites with poor layouts and content. Therefore, make it a point to improve the look of your site. Ask for others’ opinion so you can take note of their comments. And check your website’s loading speed, so you get to assess if you need to upgrade your website plan. It is a significant investment as well to update your website, but it is a small investment to make for the dividends you can gain from the improvement.

Lively businesses in downtown Seattle3. Register your company with Google My Business

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of assuming Google will index their company site for them. You are wrong. You are responsible for registering your website on Google, so if you haven’t done this yet, sign up now. It is easy and will only take you under 30 minutes. Be sure to punch in the correct details like your business address, telephone number/s, operating hours, website, and service list. Being visible on Google My Business can make a big difference on your brand, and can help people know more about you.

These are the top three things you can do right now to improve your SEO ranking. Be sure to take note of these so you can apply them to your brand. And don’t lose hope. Improvements in SEO take a while and so you must be patient and keep up with the process.