Living Life to the Fullest When Moving to Seattle

Seattle is a wonderful place to visit, but living in Seattle has both pros and cons as you would find with any city in the United States. We have our own perceptions of what Seattle is like from movies, such as “Sleepless in Seattle.” We also think of Nirvana when we think of Seattle. Seattle seems hip and a fun place to live from the media, but it is a little different than most think.

World famous coffee shopIn Seattle, the weather should be taken into consideration. Seattle rains a lot. The rain brings beautiful green scenery but can put a damper on your mood and your plans. The winters are generally mild in Seattle though compared to the eastern Washington area.

Seattle has many places a person can go and have fun. There are sporting events (professional baseball and football), water activities, restaurants, the Space Needle, fun coffee shops, Pike’s Place Market, and almost anything else you could possibly imagine. The problem is that the cost of living is so high in the Seattle area that most people don’t get to have that much fun that often. The housing prices are through the roof in the Seattle area. Rent in the Seattle area is exceptionally high for Washington state. A person can get a four-bedroom house in eastern Washington for the price of a two-bedroom run-down apartment in Seattle. It is not surprising that there is a huge homeless population in Seattle.

Seattle is crowded. There are lots of people everywhere you go. When you drive, expect to have a long time in your car trying to maneuver through traffic. Driving in downtown Seattle is scary to some with a lot of steep streets and one-way streets. Some people enjoy the crowds, and for them, Seattle is a great place to live.

The people of Seattle are very friendly. The people in Seattle are down to earth. The people in Seattle are not as fake as the ones you would find in California or many other parts of the United States of America. When I got into an accident in Seattle, several people stopped to help, whereas other places, not one person would stop to help. The people in Seattle love the environment and are usually good about recycling and saving the earth. Sometimes the Seattle people can be extreme though, which can also turn into a negative.

If you don’t mind the rain, the high cost of living, and the crowded city, you could fall in love with Seattle. If you don’t decide to live in Seattle, a visit to Seattle is a whole lot of fun.