Exploring the Pros & Cons of Being a Parent

Being a parent is the most important job you’ll ever do, an endless and rewarding job that aids your child through their physical, mental and emotional development within every stage of their life, from baby to adulthood. A parent needs to be a teacher, a protector, a pillar of support and understanding and above all patient. A child will learn how to become a person from watching and mimicking you and your actions, so it’s crucial to teach them the right lessons.

For those undecided about the prospect of becoming a parent, the following pros and cons can assist your judgment and help you make one of the most important decisions of your life.

The Pros of Being a Parent

An unconditional attachment forms between parent and child, tying them together to form a deep and impenetrable bond, providing security and stability for both.

Deciding to become a parent is more than a commitmentTheir smile can brighten your darkest day and their laughter can elevate you to unexplainable happiness. They can make you laugh by simply looking a certain way, making the smallest sound or saying the cutest thing.

You are able to watch that child grow and develop day-by-day, experiencing their every milestone, mistake, and achievement. The satisfaction of seeing them succeed at something you have taught them can be compelling and encouraging, giving you a great confidence boost.

You can be there for them whenever they need you, and they’re there for you, they will love you unconditionally.

There are many opportunities for meeting new people through your local children’s center that become available when becoming a parent, opening up avenues to experience socializing with different people in different surroundings.

The Cons of Being a Parent

You could endure sleepless nights and tiresome days making you moody, irritable and sometimes even depressed, therefore putting extra strain on other relationships.

Being a parent will push you to your ultimate limits in mind and body and test you in every way – your strength, your stamina, your patience and your emotional control. Sometimes your hard work will seem meaningless, and your efforts unrecognized, resulting in frustration and irritability.

For the first few months/years, you can expect countless dirty nappies to change, load after load of laundry to wash and to be consistently surrounded by the aroma of sick and poop.

Many tantrums will be suffered and a lot of tears shed while children are testing their boundaries.

Finding quality time for yourself and your partner can be difficult, and the level of responsibility could leave you feeling pressured and exhausted.

These all sound off-putting I know but despite the disadvantages, having children can be the most gratifying and exhilarating experience of your life. Bringing an innocent new life into the world provides an opportunity for the future and the ability to turn a blank canvas into a colorful masterpiece given that you are up for the challenge of parenthood.