Causes & Possible Solutions of Your Dryer Not Heating

When your clothes dryer stops generating heat, it becomes a major problem. What could be the possible reason behind a dryer not giving heat? It could be a faulty part that possibly needs replacing. Faulty parts are primarily responsible for stopping the heating process in an electric dryer. Once the dryer stops heating, the clothes don’t get dried properly.

Working with DryersTroubleshooting Guide

Improper heating or a complete shutdown of the dryer heating system is one of the most common problems that bring the laundry room to a standstill. Here is a look at some of the most prominent causes and the likely solutions that can be implemented to fix the heating issue in the electric dryers.

  • Cause – Thermal Fuse

The purpose of the thermal fuse is to prevent overheating of the dryer. It can be found on the housing of the blower. Restricted air flow and clogging of the exhaust vent is one of the most common causes why overheating occurs.

Possible Solutions

Clean the lint screen and remove the built-up debris. A soft brush and water are sufficient to wash. Thoroughly dry and put back into the housing

Check if the flexible vent hose has any clogs or kinks. You will find this on the rear

Ensure there is no restriction on the exhaust duct system facing the outside. You may need professional help here if you find it too difficult to manage

  • Cause – Gas Valve Solenoid

This is a problem typical of gas dryers that have two or more solenoid coils in the gas valve for operating the ports. When opened, gas flow to the burner occurs, and the igniter is lighted for producing heat. In case the igniter fails to work properly, it may indicate that one or more of the gas valve solenoids are defective.

Possible Solution

A certified gas technician needs to be conducted for replacing the gas valve coil set.

  • Cause – Igniter

Once again this is an issue specific to gas dryers! The igniter heats up and glows when the dryer needs heat. Upon reaching maximum temperature, the gas valve opens, the gas ignites, and the dryer starts heating up. In case the igniter does not heat up enough to cause ignition of the gas, it could be indicative of a defect.

Possible Solution

The igniter is adjacent to the gas burner tube and housed inside the machine. A fragile piece of equipment, it needs to be handled with care and replaced only by a certified gas technician.

  • Cause – Heating Element & Assembly

This is a problem specific to electric dryers. The heating element is a heating wire coil through which electric current flows. A metal chamber encloses the coil and heats up the air coming in through the chamber before blowing it into the drum. A defective heating element will simply not heat. Also, any issue in the assembly which includes the insulators and heating element coil in the rear housing will prevent proper heating.

Possible Solution

The heating element can be found on the right side behind the lower front panel. Replacement of the coil is the only option but needs to be carried out by a certified technician. In the event that the issue runs deeper than only the heating element, the technician should conduct a replacement of the complete heating element assembly. Find a suitable Texas Appliance Repair services in your area and get possible solutions from a certified technician.

  • Cause – Flame or Radiant Sensor

The flame sensor or radiant sensor detects heat emanating from the burner or igniter flame and is responsible for the opening of the gas valve during the burning process. The flame sensor shuts the gas valve when the flame dies. A gas valve that fails to open or an igniter that does not glow are indicators of a defective sensor. An igniter that continues to glow without opening the gas valve could have damaged electrical contacts.

Possible Solution

The best way to repair this issue to contact an authorized gas technician to run diagnostics and replace the defective sensor.

  • Cause – Incoming Power Problem

Insufficient or erratic power supply to the machine leads to a lack of heat in the electric dryer. Though the machine may be running, the power may not be enough to cause heating if a breaker or fuse happens to trip.

Possible Solution

The circuit box will give you an idea of the number of volts running the dryer. If you feel a problem exists with the incoming power supply, call for professional help to address the issue.

  • Cause – Cycling Thermostat

thermostat and thermal fuseThe inside temperature of a dryer drum is regulated with the help of a cycling thermostat. It runs on a heat off and on cycle for producing the necessary amount of heat the help in drying the clothes. This device can often experience malfunction following repeated use and stop the dryer from heating.

Possible Solution

The cycling thermostat can be found on the blower housing inside the dryer. A technician will typically run a test for continuity and if it is found to be defective will replace it with a new one.

  • Cause – Main Control Board

The main control board is the hub that operates the components associated with the technical software in the dryer. Running a diagnostic test for this component can be difficult, but if you notice any signs of a short or burning, it could be an indicator of a major issue with the end result being a lack of heat to the dryer.

Possible Solution

Upon establishing that the rest of the dryer components are in proper working condition, the technician can do a replacement of the main control board to get the equipment up and running again.

It can be confusing to do proper troubleshooting of your dryer when it stops working. In such a scenario, it is advisable that you contact a professional technician who is qualified to conduct a thorough check and address the specific issue of your appliance.