Exploring the Pros & Cons of Being a Parent

Being a parent is the most important job you’ll ever do, an endless and rewarding job that aids your child through their physical, mental and emotional development within every stage of their life, from baby to adulthood. A parent needs to be a teacher, a protector, a pillar of support and understanding and above all patient. A child will learn how to become a person from watching and mimicking you and your actions, so it’s crucial to teach them the right lessons.

For those undecided about the prospect of becoming a parent, the following pros and cons can assist your judgment and help you make one of the most important decisions of your life.

The Pros of Being a Parent

An unconditional attachment forms between parent and child, tying them together to form a deep and impenetrable bond, providing security and stability for both.

Deciding to become a parent is more than a commitmentTheir smile can brighten your darkest day and their laughter can elevate you to unexplainable happiness. They can make you laugh by simply looking a certain way, making the smallest sound or saying the cutest thing.

You are able to watch that child grow and develop day-by-day, experiencing their every milestone, mistake, and achievement. The satisfaction of seeing them succeed at something you have taught them can be compelling and encouraging, giving you a great confidence boost.

You can be there for them whenever they need you, and they’re there for you, they will love you unconditionally.

There are many opportunities for meeting new people through your local children’s center that become available when becoming a parent, opening up avenues to experience socializing with different people in different surroundings.

The Cons of Being a Parent

You could endure sleepless nights and tiresome days making you moody, irritable and sometimes even depressed, therefore putting extra strain on other relationships.

Being a parent will push you to your ultimate limits in mind and body and test you in every way – your strength, your stamina, your patience and your emotional control. Sometimes your hard work will seem meaningless, and your efforts unrecognized, resulting in frustration and irritability.

For the first few months/years, you can expect countless dirty nappies to change, load after load of laundry to wash and to be consistently surrounded by the aroma of sick and poop.

Many tantrums will be suffered and a lot of tears shed while children are testing their boundaries.

Finding quality time for yourself and your partner can be difficult, and the level of responsibility could leave you feeling pressured and exhausted.

These all sound off-putting I know but despite the disadvantages, having children can be the most gratifying and exhilarating experience of your life. Bringing an innocent new life into the world provides an opportunity for the future and the ability to turn a blank canvas into a colorful masterpiece given that you are up for the challenge of parenthood.

Causes & Possible Solutions of Your Dryer Not Heating

When your clothes dryer stops generating heat, it becomes a major problem. What could be the possible reason behind a dryer not giving heat? It could be a faulty part that possibly needs replacing. Faulty parts are primarily responsible for stopping the heating process in an electric dryer. Once the dryer stops heating, the clothes don’t get dried properly.

Working with DryersTroubleshooting Guide

Improper heating or a complete shutdown of the dryer heating system is one of the most common problems that bring the laundry room to a standstill. Here is a look at some of the most prominent causes and the likely solutions that can be implemented to fix the heating issue in the electric dryers.

  • Cause – Thermal Fuse

The purpose of the thermal fuse is to prevent overheating of the dryer. It can be found on the housing of the blower. Restricted air flow and clogging of the exhaust vent is one of the most common causes why overheating occurs.

Possible Solutions

Clean the lint screen and remove the built-up debris. A soft brush and water are sufficient to wash. Thoroughly dry and put back into the housing

Check if the flexible vent hose has any clogs or kinks. You will find this on the rear

Ensure there is no restriction on the exhaust duct system facing the outside. You may need professional help here if you find it too difficult to manage

  • Cause – Gas Valve Solenoid

This is a problem typical of gas dryers that have two or more solenoid coils in the gas valve for operating the ports. When opened, gas flow to the burner occurs, and the igniter is lighted for producing heat. In case the igniter fails to work properly, it may indicate that one or more of the gas valve solenoids are defective.

Possible Solution

A certified gas technician needs to be conducted for replacing the gas valve coil set.

  • Cause – Igniter

Once again this is an issue specific to gas dryers! The igniter heats up and glows when the dryer needs heat. Upon reaching maximum temperature, the gas valve opens, the gas ignites, and the dryer starts heating up. In case the igniter does not heat up enough to cause ignition of the gas, it could be indicative of a defect.

Possible Solution

The igniter is adjacent to the gas burner tube and housed inside the machine. A fragile piece of equipment, it needs to be handled with care and replaced only by a certified gas technician.

  • Cause – Heating Element & Assembly

This is a problem specific to electric dryers. The heating element is a heating wire coil through which electric current flows. A metal chamber encloses the coil and heats up the air coming in through the chamber before blowing it into the drum. A defective heating element will simply not heat. Also, any issue in the assembly which includes the insulators and heating element coil in the rear housing will prevent proper heating.

Possible Solution

The heating element can be found on the right side behind the lower front panel. Replacement of the coil is the only option but needs to be carried out by a certified technician. In the event that the issue runs deeper than only the heating element, the technician should conduct a replacement of the complete heating element assembly. Find a suitable Texas Appliance Repair services in your area and get possible solutions from a certified technician.

  • Cause – Flame or Radiant Sensor

The flame sensor or radiant sensor detects heat emanating from the burner or igniter flame and is responsible for the opening of the gas valve during the burning process. The flame sensor shuts the gas valve when the flame dies. A gas valve that fails to open or an igniter that does not glow are indicators of a defective sensor. An igniter that continues to glow without opening the gas valve could have damaged electrical contacts.

Possible Solution

The best way to repair this issue to contact an authorized gas technician to run diagnostics and replace the defective sensor.

  • Cause – Incoming Power Problem

Insufficient or erratic power supply to the machine leads to a lack of heat in the electric dryer. Though the machine may be running, the power may not be enough to cause heating if a breaker or fuse happens to trip.

Possible Solution

The circuit box will give you an idea of the number of volts running the dryer. If you feel a problem exists with the incoming power supply, call for professional help to address the issue.

  • Cause – Cycling Thermostat

thermostat and thermal fuseThe inside temperature of a dryer drum is regulated with the help of a cycling thermostat. It runs on a heat off and on cycle for producing the necessary amount of heat the help in drying the clothes. This device can often experience malfunction following repeated use and stop the dryer from heating.

Possible Solution

The cycling thermostat can be found on the blower housing inside the dryer. A technician will typically run a test for continuity and if it is found to be defective will replace it with a new one.

  • Cause – Main Control Board

The main control board is the hub that operates the components associated with the technical software in the dryer. Running a diagnostic test for this component can be difficult, but if you notice any signs of a short or burning, it could be an indicator of a major issue with the end result being a lack of heat to the dryer.

Possible Solution

Upon establishing that the rest of the dryer components are in proper working condition, the technician can do a replacement of the main control board to get the equipment up and running again.

It can be confusing to do proper troubleshooting of your dryer when it stops working. In such a scenario, it is advisable that you contact a professional technician who is qualified to conduct a thorough check and address the specific issue of your appliance.

Parental Intervention for Social Maladjustment in Children

If a licensed psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist has diagnosed a child with social maladjustment, this means the professional has worked through the criteria established in professional literature to determine that the child does not have a chronic mental illness that is treatable through conventional medications or school programming.

However, social maladjustment is a severe disturbance that will require time and resources to ensure a child can succeed in mainstream schooling or other social environments.

Professional Treatment for Social Maladjustment in Children

Children with innate or intra-psychic symptoms usually cannot control their emotional responses and generally do not maneuver events to their advantage, and this is one of the significant distinctions between a chronic, serious mental illness (as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and this social disturbance.

Children should have strong social influences to help them adjustWhen an assessment comes back with social maladjustment as its conclusion the child will not be eligible for most publicly-funded mental health services and may not be eligible for special needs programming at school. It may be up to the guardian to obtain the professional help needed to coach the child in changing behavioral problems.

Parents are advised to seek help in addressing a child’s social maladjustment as soon as possible in order to mitigate future problems. Untreated, social maladjustment often is correlated with juvenile criminal behavior, and immature social responses, like lack of empathy, which can become associated with characterological issues.

A good place to begin is with a local agency which provides parenting classes and a peer support group for parents with children with serious behavioral problems. There are many parenting skills and behavioral management techniques to employ in helping a child create a new pattern of behavior. One of the main tools is how to respond consistently when the child challenges authority.

If affordable, it’s usually recommended that the child should engage in individual therapy; in an ideal setting, the child can establish a solid, working relationship with that therapist. Many schools offer free or low-cost counseling on-site. If that is not an option, parents can find a free, local support group meeting that the family can attend. Positive social influences will be needed, and the support group serves as a safe place for the child to unravel her feelings and anxieties.

Parental Interventions at Home

There are behavioral interventions that parents can employ in their home to manage the complexity of social maladjustment in children. First, productively structuring the child’s day: outlining together what each day entails in the morning at breakfast and mentally preparing for the next day during dinner. The more organized the family is, the easier each day will go for a child with special needs, and anticipating events will help her prepare for the social aspects involved.

Although it is healthy to engage the child in an array of activities, building in quiet time every day is essential. Children must learn how to entertain themselves with books, journals, and self-directed play in order to practice these skills which will be needed as they grow up, and which are reinforced in school settings as employment preparation.

Do not be afraid to talk with a child about the behavior (cause) of and the consequences (effect) of his social maladjustment in the context of emotional and behavioral regulation. When he shares asocial or anti-social thoughts, listen and do not challenge them if it disrupts the main threads of the emotional exchange: the professionals will dialogue with the child about those thoughts in therapy.

Generally, the behaviors of social maladjustment are self-centered and prevent the child from being able to think about other people as autonomous beings. One goal is to teach the child skills of empathy, using pets and people he likes as role models of compassion, and then reversely, as recipients of his practiced empathy.

Parents must learn how to use the strategy of positive reinforcements as a key element in maintaining patience. Positive reinforcements must be meaningful to the child, quickly given upon achievement, and preferably not related to food. Eventually, to test if a child’s behavior is improving, positive reinforcement for a new, specific action is evaluated for genuine response.

Mind the Fundamentals of Social Maladjustment

Since the general idea is that a child has learned his socially maladjusted behavior through role modeling, take time to evaluate the child’s social environment and relationships. A reduced role model does not need to be eliminated from the child’s life, but tools to counteract the poor role models’ influence in productive ways will develop.

In addition to the mental health treatment and parental interventions reviewed herein, remember doctors generally recommend an average of ten hours of sleep each night; three meals a day and snacks; thirty minutes to one hour of exercise each day; one visit to the pediatrician a year; and one visit to the dentist each year.

If it is a struggle to provide these for a child, there may require assistance available through a community agency, the school, a spiritual community, or a family doctor. There are many community resources dedicated to children suffering from mental health and behavioral issues.

Falling In Love with Being a Mom

Women are often led to believe that motherhood is going to be magical. They will see their child and will instantly love and cherish the wee babe. Labor and delivery will seem just a distant memory as she holds her bundle of joy. And for some women, that’s exactly what happens. But what about when it’s not?

The truth is, labor and delivery take a lot out of a woman. It’s possible that the most overwhelming feeling she may have when handed her baby for the first time is relief that the pregnancy and birth are over, as well as abject terror that this small person is now her responsibility.

The joy of motherhood is beyond magicalThe Newborn Baby Blues

New mothers often feel very guilty if they have difficulty adjusting to being a mother. But it’s not that surprising that some women take awhile to get used to the new role. First off, labor and delivery are exhausting. Between the physical and hormonal changes happening the first few days after birth, it’s not surprising that some new moms are more interested in taking a nap or having a little time alone than admiring their baby.

The instant lifestyle change that occurs when a child is born can also make the situation overwhelming. Gone, at least for awhile, are the days of sleeping in, impulsive weekends away and being able to say, take a shower or eat a hot meal whenever the mood strikes. Suddenly, everything revolves around the needs of this small person whose only method of communication is to cry, leaving the parents to figure out if the child needs to eat, be changed or just held.

Asking for Help With a New Baby

Because mothers think they are supposed to instantly and seamlessly transform into a happy and near perfect mom, it’s very hard to ask for help when needed. Please do it anyway. A good place to start is to talk to other new moms or mothers of young children who are more likely to remember the newborn days. Often, just hearing that other new mothers felt just as scared and overwhelmed, in the beginning, can go a long way to easing stress and guilt.

If possible, seek help from family and friends in the early days. Even if grandma comes over for an hour in the morning to allow the new parents to take a shower and a catnap, it can be a big help. Those feelings of love and excitement for the baby will come, it’s just not always instantaneous. The key is to hold on and get through until then.

Always seek help when experiencing postpartum bluesKnow that this stage is temporary. Before long, new routines will be established, the baby will begin sleeping through the night and the parents will be adjusted to their new roles. Parenting also becomes easier and more rewarding after the first few months, as parents learn to differentiate their child’s needs, and even more so when the baby begins smiling and the parents feel there is some feedback from the baby.

If sad or overwhelmed feelings persist or get worse, or if there are any thoughts of harming oneself or the baby, please call a doctor or go to the hospital right away. Postpartum depression can be very serious, and there is no need for a woman to suffer alone. Sometimes, therapy and/or medication are necessary, and there is no shame in this.

Although it’s true that all mothers love their children, not all mothers fall in love instantly. For some, it’s more of a gradual process. Talking to other mothers, being kind to oneself, and asking for help when needed are all important to ease the transition to motherhood.

Self-Discipline as an Important Tool in Parenting

Children are like budding flowers who need constant love, care, attention and discipline to become healthy, efficient and able citizens in the society. Parents set an example for their children. They see their parents behavior first and try to imitate the same. If parents shout, scream or lash out at their children, they are more likely to follow the same behavior.

Self-discipline is an essential ingredient of growing up. Parents, adults, and teachers help children in becoming adept at differentiating between right and wrong. To help children make healthy and positive choices in life, it’s vital that parents positively discipline their children. They should be firm, clear and calm in setting rules.

Simple Ways of Instilling Self-Discipline in Children

Young children are impulsive by nature. ADHD or other behavior disabilities, learning disabilities or biological factors increase impulsiveness. Such problems can be controlled with self-control and discipline. Self-discipline cannot be forced on children. It blooms naturally in a happy environment at home and in school. Instead of always correcting children for being wild and interrupting, parents should follow simple steps like:

  • Positive interaction and communication
  • Positive discipline
  • Rewards, privileges and sticker charts
  • Regular routines
  • Distraction or abstraction
  • Sanctions and punishments

Positive Interaction and Communication Boost Self-Discipline

Interacting positively and happily is a great part of healthy discipline. Children feel hard to express their feelings and emotions, and they often behave badly when they are upset or angry. In that situation, parents should talk to them politely, calmly and firmly instead of shouting or instructing them sternly. Parents should make sure that their child understands the sort of behavior they want and should praise the child whenever he/she does something good.

Self-discipline proves quite beneficial in eradicating bad behavior. Parents should teach children to react with a positive attitude and right behavior. This requires children to control their impulses. Pointing out the areas they need to work is equally important as patting them for something good. Anger control, listening patiently, knowing when and how to interrupt and completing a task, all require self-discipline.

Discipline Kids With Rewards, Privileges and Sticker Charts

Encouraging and rewarding good behavior with privileges, stickers and praise help enhance a child’s self-esteem. Parents should be specific when praising their child. Instead of simply saying, “Good,” or “Bravo!’, tell children elaborately about the praise they are getting and the reason behind the praise.

Privileges like extended bedtime hour, an extra story before bed and a favorite dress are little gestures proclaiming self-victory by children, which in turn raises their self-esteem. Sticker charts for every step of achievement and good behavior by the child inculcate self-control and discipline.

Regular Routines and Distraction Help Instill Good Behavior

Regular daily routines or chores like tidying the room, helping in the kitchen, dressing up and getting ready for bedtime are some activities which can be followed punctually every day to boost self-discipline. Other activities like sports, music lessons and craft, can also encourage self-confidence in children.

If children become adamant about something and start behaving angrily, it’s advisable to distract their attention with some other thing, task or activity to calm them down. Parents should be vigilant to observe the bone of contention between the children and should suggest an alternate toy, game or activity to subside the anger.

Mete Sanctions and Punishments Out Positively

Parents should make their children understand the consequences of bad or rude behavior. In a situation where children become rowdy, sanctions should not be severe. However, parents should stick to the rules and should act calmly and firmly.

Timeouts are effective for both children and parents to cool down. Followed by a hug, cuddle, and healthy, positive reinforcement is a great work of disciplining children. Even if the child behaves badly again, the whole process can be repeated calmly. Children do get the message straight.

Some Dont’s for Parents to Follow Self-Discipline

Children are a reflection of one’s family. Whatever they do, behave and speak are a result of their upbringing. It’s very important for parents to check their behavior, their lifestyle, their values and their self-discipline. In any case, parents should not:

  • shout
  • hit or physically assault
  • discard or segregate the child
  • create a chasm between child and self
  • yield to bad behavior
  • lose cool

Self-discipline leads a person from ignorance to wisdom. These small little steps of discipline, routine, and care work wonders in inculcating good behavior in children and enriching the parent-child relationship. An intelligent parent, therefore, utilizes every opportunity of his/her child’s tender years to instill this essential quality of self-discipline – so that the child’s future may well be safe and successful.

Why Do I Sing Off-Key?

If you love singing, it can be frustrating if you find that you can never get yourself to sing with the right tone and pitch. You may be practicing on your own for a while now, but you don’t see significant improvements no matter how you try. And then, you have a relative or friend who does not give much effort into practicing, but he/she gets to sing incredibly well.

Singing coaches often emphasize singing from the diaphragmThe thing is, musicality is also a talent. Some people just know how music dynamics know even if they don’t have formal training on it. Even rarer, some people have the so-called “perfect pitch” which allows them to know exactly the chord, pitch, and rhythm of every music piece. They do not even need to learn the differences among chords, and it is an amazing sight when you see these gifted people know the chord just by hearing it once.

But don’t fret just yet. Although musicality is a talent, it can also be learned. If you have the passion and dedication for it, you can enroll in a class and train under the guidance of an excellent teacher from the best singing lessons in NYC. But you must avoid comparing yourself to those who have the talent because your growth will be different. He/she may have a faster progression in the class. However, there is a point where you can catch up to those with natural talent. And some people who are not as gifted may even end up better than those with natural talent because training is also essential when it comes to improving your musical skills.

Many factors affect as to why you get to sing off-key. It is not about the song, but about how you deliver the song, too.

If you have been looking for ways to sing better, here are some of the possible reasons as to why you keep on singing off-key:

1. You don’t know how chords work

People who have the “perfect pitch” do not have to learn how each chord sounds. They just know it, and they cannot explain why they know it. However, knowledge of chords can also be learned. If you have an excellent music teacher, one of your first lessons is to study the chords. Your teacher will guide you, so you get to understand how each chord works. Then you will have practical lessons as your quiz, just for your teacher to make sure that you understood the lesson.

It is not an easy journey, though. Learning the chords is difficult, more so mastering them. So, make sure that you give enough time and effort into learning the chords. Be familiar with them and quiz yourself every so often, so you know if you are making progress.

2. You don’t know how rhythms work

One of the biggest reasons why you sing off-key is because you don’t know how rhythms work. You sing in monotone, or you don’t sing along a proper wavelength. It takes practice for you to do this, but it is possible to get how it works. Remember that music does not exist in one straight line; it works best in waveforms, so for your singing to sound great, you need to follow that rhythm, too.

These are some of the main reasons as to why you sing off-key. Although musicality is a talent, it can also be learned. Don’t give up hope and keep on practicing. For sure, you will improve your singing in no time.

Living Life to the Fullest When Moving to Seattle

Seattle is a wonderful place to visit, but living in Seattle has both pros and cons as you would find with any city in the United States. We have our own perceptions of what Seattle is like from movies, such as “Sleepless in Seattle.” We also think of Nirvana when we think of Seattle. Seattle seems hip and a fun place to live from the media, but it is a little different than most think.

World famous coffee shopIn Seattle, the weather should be taken into consideration. Seattle rains a lot. The rain brings beautiful green scenery but can put a damper on your mood and your plans. The winters are generally mild in Seattle though compared to the eastern Washington area.

Seattle has many places a person can go and have fun. There are sporting events (professional baseball and football), water activities, restaurants, the Space Needle, fun coffee shops, Pike’s Place Market, and almost anything else you could possibly imagine. The problem is that the cost of living is so high in the Seattle area that most people don’t get to have that much fun that often. The housing prices are through the roof in the Seattle area. Rent in the Seattle area is exceptionally high for Washington state. A person can get a four-bedroom house in eastern Washington for the price of a two-bedroom run-down apartment in Seattle. It is not surprising that there is a huge homeless population in Seattle.

Seattle is crowded. There are lots of people everywhere you go. When you drive, expect to have a long time in your car trying to maneuver through traffic. Driving in downtown Seattle is scary to some with a lot of steep streets and one-way streets. Some people enjoy the crowds, and for them, Seattle is a great place to live.

The people of Seattle are very friendly. The people in Seattle are down to earth. The people in Seattle are not as fake as the ones you would find in California or many other parts of the United States of America. When I got into an accident in Seattle, several people stopped to help, whereas other places, not one person would stop to help. The people in Seattle love the environment and are usually good about recycling and saving the earth. Sometimes the Seattle people can be extreme though, which can also turn into a negative.

If you don’t mind the rain, the high cost of living, and the crowded city, you could fall in love with Seattle. If you don’t decide to live in Seattle, a visit to Seattle is a whole lot of fun.

Three Things to Improve Your Seattle Business Right Now

Many Seattle business owners find Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so intimidating that they tend to put it as a last priority in the marketing budget, or they hire a professional to do the job for them even though it is unaffordable for a startup. It is true that it takes a lot of time to keep up with SEO trends, and you need the resources to maintain it. These facts are the reasons why many businesses simply handle SEO on their own even though they only have a basic knowledge of this marketing technique.

Seattle small business owners should consider online marketingDoing basic SEO tactics such as posting articles on social media, and putting relevant keywords, are things that many entrepreneurs can do themselves. However, the advanced techniques are things that must be left to professionals with a Seattle agency location who have trained for years to get to where they are. It is incredibly difficult to increase your site’s ranking, so you must have the time, energy, and resources to make it work out. Why is it hard to improve your ranking? Imagine, there are millions of sites published on the worldwide web, and each of these sites needs to compete for top rank. Therefore, you have to make sure you keep on setting yourself apart from the rest to be visible online.

It can get frustrating to find out that although your business has been existing for the past five years, you are still out of the limelight and can’t get on the first five pages of any search engine. You wonder what you have been doing wrong, and you even enlist people to check your site. After a month, things haven’t improved, and you are at a total loss.

If you need answers right now, here are the top three things you must do to improve your business rankings right now:

1. Make a content schedule plan

Let’s say you have a furniture business. You think, why would you have to write articles about furniture when all you need to do is to post photos of your work? With how SEO algorithms work these days, you are so wrong. A blog is a part-and-parcel of any website these days, and so you must plan for your content well. Plan the topics that you want to write about, the “voice” that you want to write with, and the timing of your postings. It is crucial to have a calendar for your posts, so you are kept in the loop of all your publications.

If you want to improve your content, consider hiring a content writer who can do the job for you. You have to focus on other parts of your business, so you must find someone or a team to focus on the writing task.

2. Re-check your website

Any person browsing internet pages wouldn’t want to come across slow-loading websites with poor layouts and content. Therefore, make it a point to improve the look of your site. Ask for others’ opinion so you can take note of their comments. And check your website’s loading speed, so you get to assess if you need to upgrade your website plan. It is a significant investment as well to update your website, but it is a small investment to make for the dividends you can gain from the improvement.

Lively businesses in downtown Seattle3. Register your company with Google My Business

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of assuming Google will index their company site for them. You are wrong. You are responsible for registering your website on Google, so if you haven’t done this yet, sign up now. It is easy and will only take you under 30 minutes. Be sure to punch in the correct details like your business address, telephone number/s, operating hours, website, and service list. Being visible on Google My Business can make a big difference on your brand, and can help people know more about you.

These are the top three things you can do right now to improve your SEO ranking. Be sure to take note of these so you can apply them to your brand. And don’t lose hope. Improvements in SEO take a while and so you must be patient and keep up with the process.

Visiting Seattle and Bask in Its Sleekness

Seattle is well known for being the home of Microsoft computers, Boeing airplanes, and TV-series such as the X files and Twin Peaks and famous music groups like Nirvana. And while Seattle might be most famous for its space needle, or even its heavy coffee consumption, what many don’t know is that Seattle also offers incredible nature with many beautiful national parks to choose from.

Main Attractions in Seattle

Chinatown in Seattle, like most other Chinatowns, offers a big selection of stores, restaurants, markets and even a museum telling the history of this part of the city.

Seattle skyline with the iconic Space NeedlePioneer Square is a neighborhood in Seattle that was once the heart of it. The historic district offers stores, restaurants, and a sprawling nightlife as well as guided tours.

Smith Tower, located at 506 2nd avenue, is the oldest skyscraper in Seattle and offers great views of the city from its observation deck. Columbia center, located at 701 5th avenue, is the tallest skyscraper in Seattle and also offers an observation deck with spectacular views of the city.

The Waterfall gardens, located on Second Avenue south 219, is an oasis-like park offering a well-needed break for city goers.

If interested in cultural attractions, The Seattle town hall, on 8th Avenue and Seneca street or The 5th avenue theatre, on 1308 5th avenue, might be of interest. Other options include Benaroya Hall, which is the home of the Seattle Symphony and located on 200 University Street, or The Seattle art museum on 1300 1st avenue, which offers an array of exciting art collections.

The Pike Place Market is a famous public market which offers an incredible selection of produce, food and handmade crafts from all over the world.

The Seattle Center is easily one of the leading attractions in Seattle as it is the home of the Space Needle, as well as many other attractions. In addition to offering stunning views of the city, including a view of Mount Rainier, the Space Needle also has a restaurant at its top called SkyCity restaurant.

For those interested in music, The Experience Music Project, located at 325 5th avenue north, is a must. The impressive museum offers its visitors a musical journey through the most popular music genres.

National Parks, Day Trips, and Vancouver

Klondike Goldrush National park, located on 117 S main street tells the story of the Seattle gold rush and how its affected the city. Mount Rainier National Park is an astonishingly beautiful national park, which makes for a great day trip, and offers its visitors an array of things to do and see, such as mountain climbing, biking, and hiking.

Mount St Helens 96 miles off SeattleIf interested in volcanoes visit St. Mount Helens, an active volcano which also offers a nearby observatory, from which one can peak right into the volcano. Olympic National Park is another beautiful park to visit. Also, Vancouver is only about 110 miles away from Seattle and also offers a beautiful nature and many things to explore.

Shopping in Seattle

Pine Street, Pike Place, and Pioneer Square are great areas for shopping. The area between Stewart Street, University Street, Forth Avenue and Seventh Avenue are also full of shopping options. Nordstrom, located on 500 Pine Street, or Pacific place, University Village, Westfield south center, and Westlake center also makes excellent stops for shopping.

Seattle offers its visitors a vibrant and interesting history, with much to learn and explore, as well as an abundance of fun things to do and see.